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Translator Parser

The translator parser project uses the google translator to translate words and parses the result in an c# object structure to use it in a software project. For further description please see the following post at my blog: Here you see a test that shows how to use the Translator Parser:
public void ParserTest()
    ManualResetEvent manualResetEvent = new ManualResetEvent(false);
    Translator translator = new Translator();             
    translator.DownloadCompleted += (translatorObject) => 
        foreach(var item in translatorObject)
            var key = item.Key;
            var value = item.Value;
            var translateCount = value.Values.Where(str => str == "\"übersetzen\"").Count();
            Assert.AreEqual(translateCount, 1);                    
    translator.Translate("translate", "EN", "DE");

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